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Watchtower 6/26/87 Alpine

#196547 2 years ago
Mentioned this the night of the Seattle show and in its review thread--here's the link to the "east coast" breakout of Watchtower... whole show is ridiculous my first night in the Valley and the first night of tour. Whole show kicks ass --killer Cassidy > Deal to end 1... great Stranger>Franklins to open.........set 2 is all must hear... if you haven't heard this before when you get a chance ck it out... you'll be glad you did! GTD!

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Re: Watchtower 6/26/87 Alpine

#196992 2 years ago
what an absolute classic '87 setlist. no complex sandwiches in that show. straight-up, uncut, mind-blowing GD. in my vein and straight to the brain!!!!!!!
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