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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240929 1 year, 8 months ago
Why do people go to church? Different homilies, commune with kindred spirits, among others reasons. Yeah some do it because something tells them they must.

With us, however, it is a voluntary action. Heck we even pay for the privilege. There are so many observations here which resonate with why I go to shows.

This music is ever changing even if it seems similar to another show. I remember the first Brooklyn shows and hearing Cream Puff War riffs in one jam and some familiar sounds from a Phish track off of their Round Room disc in another ( not sure of the title). This band is great and the song are always progressing -- nothing is stagnant. Just listen closely. I listen to Furthur as much as the GD. They are equally valid.

Someone wiser than me said that you can not step into the same river twice?

And that is the essence of Furthur and the GD.

Who said it? Was it Aristotle? Linus? Dick Van Patten or Captain Tony?

Why does Lucy pull the football before Charlie Brown can kick it? And why does Charlie Brown always fall for it?
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240934 1 year, 8 months ago
For the Grateful Dead
Author: Robert M Petersen

it gets lonely
in the high pines
& lonelier when
you finally get
to town
all that
goodness you
done stored up
be gone
in about 15 minutes
so you gotta go
through all that
& all that joy just
like pig did
what the fuck
am I doin' here & why?
when you damn well know
it's because we all love
each other

------Fairfax Ca, May 29, 1981
Alleys of the Heart
The Collected Poems of
Robert M. Petersen
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240948 1 year, 8 months ago
Denver Man wrote:
Why do you go to so many shows?

My wife asks me this very question all the time

Music period is my escape from reality. A concert is a fantasy world, everyone (usually) there for the same reason, the same cause lol is pretty cool. Displaying your love of the band you're seeing with everyone else who feels the same way so they get why you are doing what ever you are doing. I love a pretty broad spectrum of music too but none of those scenes compare to the GD scene. Not even close, even other jam bands like Widespread (although they are pretty close), nothing compares..

As far as travelling, yeah that is part of the adventure, many of the places I have been to see the GD or Furthur even I would have never visited otherwise.. I think that's pretty cool. I think it is fascinating seeing the same people everywhere I go whether it's in Colorado, the east or the west coast, whether I actually know them or not or just recognize the faces.. I probably shouldn't make every vacation centered around a furthur tour but we always make it into just that - a vacation, plus going to places like norcal or NY is pretty cool anyways!

I agree it can get tedious and sometimes I question why the hell I do it but obviously it's worth it to me mentally. I find hometown shows stress me out more than going on the road. When I go on the road I am officially on vacation so I don't have to worry about work, babysitter and dogsitter and a lot of times our daughter goes with us anyway. But even with any "negative" aspects I do get recharged, I do shed away the BS from regular life, I do enjoy sharing my passion with likewise folks when I am in concert mode. Seems worth it to me!

By the way, shit when is my next show????? Oh yeah this Friday for Mickey Hart!! whew!!

All good reasons and most likely shared by everyone. Definitely a great

Have fun at Mickey!! My advice, and practice for that matter, is to go deep. Don't hold
Back, go for it full tilt. I've been amazed at the affect.
Let us all look kindly on our neighbor.
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240964 1 year, 8 months ago
Like a couple others said so far, it's because all the stresses and worries in life just melt away when immersed on the dance floor with music and the vibes from people you consider friends although you may never even get their name or exchange more than a smile with each other. Yet you share in something unexplainable, something that feels more right than breathing, something you will remember for the rest of your life and hopefully long after. Bills, custody battles, work at shit jobs, death of loved ones, mortality, it all empties from the brain as the music rushes in and takes over even if for a mere 3 or 4 hours. It rejuvenates my soul and the best part is knowing that my presence helps do the same to others.

I'll admit at the beginning I did not 'get' the dead, sounded too countryish and not floyd or zep-y enough for me but what can I say, I was barely 20 and read that it was a good place to score acid and other party favors and my town was horribly dry in those matters. I had read of Kerouac and Kesey for years and fantasized over their interpretations of the American dream. I had even struck out on my own on many occasions and traversed the states via hitchhiking, greyound and what have you, but there was still something missing, I always felt alone on my journeys and often times that was how I wanted it. Looking back I can't help but wonder was it really what I wanted or was it that I did not know such a world shaped by love and togetherness and big fat bass bombs existed? .

I was in love and still am with psychedelics and the insight and healing they have provided in my life, the freedom they have given me to think outside of the boxes provided by modern day society. I remember a DMT trip where I finally came to the very very real conclusion that we are REALLY are ONE, space dust, and with that the fear of death fell away, I embraced it and it embraced me. And before I let all the problems and issues of what some call 'real' life' come rushing back in I made myself remember, and always remember that that realization was and is very much alive and I will never let it go.

I do not share these beliefs and feelings with my closest friends and family, it is impossible to show them unless they are truly ready to see it, they can't. When that music hits just right, I turn into some sort of galactic molasses, merging with those around me, merging with the music and the lights, and the smells, they will never make letters deep enough to explain it but I'm sure some of you understand where I'm going with this. It goes deep than an addiction, once discovered, it can't be undiscovered. Even if you get ripped off in the lot or you just straight get over the lot and the 'scene', that 'molasses' can still be concocted without a moments notice and once part of it you will be forever grateful to know of it's existence.

I am not sure of a lot in my life and have regrets and resentment towards many areas in my past but THAT feeling, man THAT Fuckin feeling when all those things don't matter one tiny iota, THAT'S what I go to shows for man, THAT'S why I listen to music at volume 11 at the end of a long hard day, THAT'S why I stopped lurking and signed up to this Forum (although I never dreamed of being part of a online 'friend' community or whatever this amazing thing is), THAT is why I am so very Grateful to two drummers, a chubby Mexican American guy in a black shirt with a voice of an angel and the ability to play a six string like no other mortal, a wonderful and eclectic group of keyboardists, organists, pianists, a bass player that re-imagined and revolutionized an instrument that was already great in all aspects, a young starry eyed rhythm guitarist who may have taken too much acid but at the same time took just enough to bring together said people in an equally unconventional way, but oh so perfect nonetheless, oh and to the loyal fans, the last members of the band, the ones who made sure to preserve the legacy, to pass it on, to breathe it into the lungs of those that came after them, and make sure that the love is real and not fade away!!!

I love you all, obviously more than words can tell and I always look forward to the next show like a kid on Christmas Eve, and if I don't make it to the next show, well I'll make it to the next one, or the next one. And when I do make it and when that opening jam starts noodling in and I'm shaking my bones and stretching my limbs, I'll know that however crazy life can be, at that moment, I'm right where I'm supposed to be
Warrior for Peace and The Positive Movement!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240965 1 year, 8 months ago
[quote="stricken" post=240906]i_be_sublime wrote:
alilfurther wrote:
4words : Because I love it !!!!!! You know you ll see me there!!!I love you guys!!!!For me bill it s been a lifelong passion of mine.I started out when i was 19 and some friends of mine pulled up to the house in a rented van and said get the fuck in!I had a million reasons why i couldnt.did nt wanna go no money no weed no nuttin at the time.They said shut up and get in the van!!!!I did.The rest is history as they say.Got in like 35 or maybe 37 jerry shows have to do the math again lol.But i also did that thing where we were sitting on a porch and my friend says hey the dead are playing pine knob michigan in 2 days and we got off the porch and hitchhiked to michigan.My backpack got stolen from the golf course next to the venue cus i was stupid e3nough to let it behind.(lesson learned).Always secure your valuables clothes whatever.But i digress,I love the ff and the folks but for me it always has been and always will be that moment in time when the music hits me and i feel no pain!!!!That show where ya eat just enough L and the band hits there paces and ya start dancing and there is nothing that exists in the whole wide world but that groove,Should you lose that groove and happen to look around and ya see all those colorful people in thier groove well it s hard not to find yours again.So i ll reiterate it s those shows that are down right religious experiences!!!!!!!!!Syracuse on 11/11/11 was the last 1 of those for me.The right combo of L the people i was surrounded by(big what up strick) and the band just pouring there hearts out to me yeah just me screw those other hippys round me you played all those songs cus I needed them that night i needed the love and the direction.To come out and be speechless and all my friends saying wow over and over cus the band played to just them as well that night and they were speechless as well.1 DAY I SHALL BE RELEASED!!! The music takes me away from the pain of my past and the mundane everyday existence.Throw in the most awesome people you ll ever meet and well all of a sudden ya have a greatful dead family and ya just wanna keep that trucking on!!!!Hope it helps cus i could have wrote ya a book on that 1 lol.Hope to see you again soon bill.On an edit tip it has happened to me without the L as well.1 of my favorite shows was the mann center just recently last 2 yrs i think although 3 years ago with the 2 night stand was a blast lol i think it was the year after but again it was who was around me and the band hitting that groove that only they can again jmho.

What a mix that night.Time did stand still for a moment or two that night. Dont know how we made it back to the motel. oh thats right no roundabouts or fellows named robert driving.
He has made so many other roads fun god bless ya robert!Stand still hell the "mix" bout killed me was your clapping made me get up and next thing i know it s playin>gdtrfb>the eleven at 11:11:11 on 11/11 at 11/11 time signature and yeah 1 hellava night brother.Almost as good as dancing in the streets in raliegh n.c. When my ex fell straight off your tailgate and into a tree then thanked the tree for being there lol loved that chick lol
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Good Love!

Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240973 1 year, 8 months ago
It's kinda like this...

Dreams are lies...it's the dreaming that's real!!!!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240976 1 year, 8 months ago
Ossumpei wrote:
Vegas 93 was like that for me.

Being in that crowd and having so much fun.

I knew I was going to do tours and make a lot of shows after that.
I flew from Syracuse out to Vegas to celebrate my 24th birthday with my favorite band.No other band could have gotten me to do that.So i guess that's my answer lol
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240979 1 year, 8 months ago
This has been a fun thread. Thanks everyone for your answers, please don't stop.

Overall it seem that the scene plays a big part in why we go to shows, obviously. There's all kinds of music, but the crowd at GD or Furthur shows are what has made it a special place to be. Human interaction. That's what we seek. Unique, cool, hippy friendship and love. Pretty much everyone answered scene. And why not? Its such a big part of it. Being there, especially with Phil and Bob, Mickey, Kreutzman, connects you to a long history of, once understood, one of the wildest parts of the social experience in modern times. We forget how groundbreaking the pranksters were, and how we are descendent of them. We want to be part of something bigger than our self's. Going to shows provide that, to be a part of living history.

We collect and have fun together. Great fun. Fun in a place where the social climate has been ironed out of the hippy culture directly. We all know its not perfect, it never has been. But when its right, its amazingly right. The scene has changed many, many lives for the better. This scene is responsible in helping us realize so many things we take for granted today, that were just dreams when started in the 60's. Ecology is what it was called then. Ecology. Social advances like gay marriage, and women's rights, legal marijuana. Some things so common that we forgot where they came from. We get to go to shows and practice the values that were once news, widely misunderstood, realized at Woodstock, and eventually accepted into American culture as mainstream.

People go to a lot of shows for the same reasons they go to a few, just more of it. To have fun. I like to go to less, but party more at them. The folks I know that go a lot, seem to party less, or at least pick their times. I'm sure that's part of what I'm missing. I go do a few bigger party times rather than more quieter, or easier at my age, nights. That's what my situation allows. Folks like NYCDave and Mushroom Man live close to venues and can get there much easier than others, for the price of a taxi ride, or less in Dave's case. So that would preclude going to lots of shows.

Most people do what we do. Wait for the tour announcement, pick their shows, plan their vacation, and go have a hell of a good time that can't be equally created in other places. To be a Dead Head, live in that world, practice those values, be free.

And go home afterward feeling so much better about life.
Let us all look kindly on our neighbor.
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240983 1 year, 8 months ago
am i the only one who dislikes "the scene"??

i think it's a laughable joke at times.

1 in 10,000 that come for the show.
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240990 1 year, 8 months ago
OK, lets give examples please...

Let us know why you feel that way.
Let us all look kindly on our neighbor.
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